Howlin Rain "Russian Wilds" Compact Disc

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Howlin Rain "Russian Wilds" Compact Disc


Heavy guitars and drums, fuzz, effects, organs, Mellotrons, numerous textural elements, and wide-ranging dynamics suggest everything from psych, hard '60s and '70s rock, blues, and even R&B. "A raucous tangle of vintage bloodlines," said Rolling Stone Magazine (4STARS). With Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, drummer Raj Ojha and bassist Cyrus Comiskey...Howlin Rain are indeed a different animal than in their previous incarnation. Executive produced by Rick Rubin for American Recordings. Art by Arik Roper.

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  1. Self Made Man
  2. Phantom In the Valley
  3. Can't Satisfy Me Now
  4. Cherokee Werewolf
  5. Strange Thunder
  6. Flex Reception
  7. Dark Side
  8. Beneath Wild Wings
  9. Collage
  10. Walking Through Stone
  11. ...Still Walking
  12. Still Stone