Sensational - Get On My Page CD (2001)

Sensational - ipc-16.jpg
Sensational - ipc-16.jpg

Sensational - Get On My Page CD (2001)


Release Date: June 11, 2001
Format: CD (IPC-016 / IPM-016)

1. Intro
2. Let Me Be (Featuring Ambience)
3. Live On The Dime (Featuring Ambience)
4. Sound Tuned Proper (Featuring Kev Hutch, Baby Tragic, Flowwer)
5. I Want To Feel It (Featuring Ambience & Kev Hutch)
6. Mackin'
7. Kev Hutch Youdat Cat (Featuring Kev Hutch)
8. It's The Name
9. In For It (Featuring Bass)
10. I Come Thru To Do What I Do
11. Power Move
12. My Menu (Featuring Ambience)
13. This Is How It Be When It's Real

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