PRE-ORDER: Colossus of Destiny 2 Disc DVD

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PRE-ORDER: Colossus of Destiny 2 Disc DVD


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The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale is a film about a band who have defied all the rules, for over 3 decades and counting, and still managed to succeed and do it their own way. It documents the epic journey as told by band members King Buzzo and Dale Crover, along with rare live performance and behind-the-scenes footage from their early days in Washington State to their multiple modern incarnations with an eye on the enduring influence they’ve had throughout their lengthy history. Featuring interviews with Mike Patton, Chris Cornell, Jello Biafra, Gene Simmons, Krist Novoselic, Mark Arm, J. Mascis, Josh Homme, David Yow and many more, you get to hear what the countless number of peers, collaborators, understudies, admirers have to say about their encounters with The Melvins. And also come away with a lesson in how to survive in the wicked world of the music business without taking yourself too damn seriously.

Disc 1: Features the full 125 minute documentary.

Disc 2: Contains 2 hours of bonus footage - Full live show filmed at The Roseland Theater in Portland in 2014. Plus chapters on Mike + The Melvins, Deaf Nephews and Crystal Fairy not included in the film and rare performance footage from throughout the band’s history.

DVDS are Multi Region Format

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(For all who placed orders early. There has been a slight delay in the production of the DVDS. They are now scheduled to ship out mid to late July. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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